Rediscover and re-energise your body, mind and spirit with our range of classes and workshops for all abilities and ages.

Some of our classes

Yoga with Lisa

Lisa’s Tuesday night Yoga class will satisfy you on many levels! A large focus of Lisa’s work includes adapting Asana (the postures) and breathing practices in order to help your body to move with greater stability and freedom. Lisa is particularly interested in the body’s nervous system and offers simple and effective techniques to combat stress, insomnia and manage pain. Lisa’s classes always include a long Yoga Nidra (a relaxation practice that promotes deep healing and rest) so that you leave the studio feeling nourished and revitalised! Lisa also teaches Men’s yoga class on a Monday at 7.30pm and the Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth classes.

Tuesdays 7.30pm -9pm £10 Drop-in / £40 5 classes / £70 10 classes

Yoga Shred™

Yoga meets HIIT. The fast twitch movements of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and the slow twitch movements of Yoga are extremely effective to burn calories, increase metabolism, build strength, flexibility and endurance! CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

you don’t need any yoga experience nor do you need to be fit! this gets you fit and you take it at your own pace!

Saturdays @10.30am

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Yoga for Kids

Kids love yoga! Did you know yoga can help your kids increase their flexibility, strength and and help to develop space orientation, body awareness, balance and a sense of harmony. This fun yoga class combines that are a mix of games and stories with the physical postures.
Sundays at 11am. Contact to book

Yoga for Stiff Men

An introduction to Yoga for the beginner. Practice with other male students of a similar level to increase flexibility, strength and relaxation.
Mondays at 7.30pm. Drop-in

Beginners Yoga

Join Sonia every Wednesday at 7pm for our BEGINNERS class. All equipment is provided. Cost £10 Drop-in or £40 for 5 classes.

Baby Yoga

This class is about looking after you and baby with lots of lovely Yoga and some mum pampering. You can partake, observe, feed baby, change baby, cry, laugh, share, input and demand more cake if you need it and babies are welcome to do their thing! Cry, scream, chat, laugh, poo, partake or sleep! At the end you can enjoy a well earned tea & cake over baby chat with other new mums in the class.
Fridays at 10.30am

Learn to meditate

Meditation  – The science of exploring the mind at its subtlest level to bring positive transformation, peace and happiness.

Next course dates to be announced.

Studio hire

We are passionate about extending the enjoyment of our beautiful studio. If you wish to enquire further about utilising the space for your upcoming offering get in touch.

Yoga Nidra

Do you suffer from stress? The healing practice of Yoga Nidra has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and chronic pain. All you have to do is get comfortable under a blanket on a yoga mat.